Sunday, June 23, 2013

FREE Kitty Cat Katarina Skin Code

"Velvet paws hide sharp claws". Kitty Cat Katarina is the most loved League of Legends Katarina skin, and because we saw how much people enjoy it we managed to get for you guys 100 FREE Kitty Cat Katarina Skin Codes ! So what are you waiting for ? Download it and enjoy your sweet little kitty in game.

"Never question my loyalty. You will never know what I endure for it."

Press the download button to get your Free Kitty Cat Katarina Skin Code:

Current amount of skins codes : 52


  1. survey not working its not unloking the code

  2. i did the survey, its not working.

  3. fuck surveys they just want your money and the people get paid for picking them before the downloads

  4. say the cods has already been used...

  5. wont even give me the fucking code

  6. This is jsut another scam site used to try and get crap dl on your comps do not do them as IT IS ALL BULL SHIT!!! unless you EBAY your not getting the codes and especially Kitty kat Katarina as she was an in-game purchase so it's not gunna happen!!!!!