Sunday, June 23, 2013

FREE Medieval Twitch Skin Code

"Oh, what's that smell? Oh, it's me...".Same old Twitch but now available for you guys with Medieval Twitch Skin. You need to have 50 referrals to get this rare skin, but we managed to get for you guys 50 FREE Skin Codes.

"The existence of Twitch proves that anything is possible on Runeterra."

Press the download button to get your Free Medieval Twitch Skin Code:

Current amount of skins codes : 14


  1. I really want the medieval Twitch but, I'm not interested in an iPad or any apple product. And I don't even know 50 people, so it's not that easy for me to refer people. I have two close friends, but one forgot to refer me when creating her account and the other just refuses to play.

  2. The code I received wasn't "valid." What should i do now

  3. So this does not work, my code was invalid