Sunday, June 23, 2013

FREE Championship Riven Skin Code

"What is broken can be reforged!"."Riven" literally means torn apart, or broken asunder. Our community is glad to announce that we managed to get for you 50 FREE Championship Riven Skin Codes. The Championship Riven is a limited and rare skin, so hurry up and get one for you!

"There is a place between war and murder in which our demons lurk."

Press the download button to get your Free Championship Riven Skin Code:

Current amount of skins codes : 37


  1. that is rubbish and it is not working

  2. hey miss everything they ask to unburden the code but will not let me download it D: I can give the code riven? please: (

  3. i actually managed to get a code from the xbox survey... well it was a valid code so i think this used to work, the problem is... it had already been used xD

  4. this is bullshit the codes are already used bullshit website

  5. phai bo tien ra de nhan skin ma khong biet co nhan duoc k